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Branding created for the speculative product Lyft Learn in the year 2018.
About Lyft
About Lyft Learn
The Lyft Brand
Tone of Voice
Lyft Learn Mark
Lyft Learn Symbol
Pattern Study
Zihan Chen
Art Director
Graphic Designer
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This is an individual project.
Brand Identity Design
Brand Strategy
Typography Design
Marketing Design
About Lyft
Improve people's lives with the world's best transportation.
Mission Statement by Lyft. Lyft is the leading on-demand shared rides provider in the United States.
About Lyft Learn
Take people further by helping them get to where they want to go, with knowledge.
Lyft Learn is a speculative product design for Lyft. It proposes a partnership between Lyft and Coursera that provides online courses for any Lyft rider for free every time he/she calls for a ride. The rider can choose from thousands of classes on Coursera to view in the ride and to finish it wiithin two weeks after the ride.
The Lyft Brand
Give it contrast.
Stay a rebel.
The design principles of Lyft focus on the points of: "Be clear. Be concise. Be direct. Be bold. Be thoughtful. Be tenacious. Be expressive. Be unapologetic." with a sense of humor, all of which are reflected on both the visual identity design and the product design across various media.
Lyft Pink
Lyft's primary color palette consists of white, black and pink (above) and its secondary color palette includes more refreshing colors, that are used within the website or other illustrations (below).
Tone of Voice
Lyft is:
Lyft Learn is:
Lyft Learn Mark
The brand new product calls for a brand new type mark that calls for attention.
The Lyft Learn mark is, and has to be designed with the original Lyft mark.
The Lyft mark owns its very distinguished visual character and was repeated studied along the design process of the Lyft Learn type mark to ensure the alignment the identity visually.
The choice of type mark poses a fun challenge for the layout.
More than 50 different lockups were created and tested for the most ideal layout in term of size and position.
Lyft Learn Symbol
The cross media and platform demands a symbol that is simpler and more imposing.
The Lyft Learn symbol mark was made further abstracted from the Lyft Learn type mark.
The Lyft Learn symbol renders an abstract form of an opened book and a pair of wings.
In a Lyft style, the symbol delivers the the message of knowledge is power in a powerful and humorous way.
Pattern Study
Repeated pattern study backs the design decisions for a highly unified visual presence.
Details from the Lyft mark, the Lyft Learn type mark and symbol were studied and refined multiple times.
Ride Further
Lyft Learn
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