Finding Your Lost Ray

Branding for DJ and electronic music producer Alex Ritschard in the year 2018.
Alexander Ritschard
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Alexander Ritschard
Alex is a Swiss-American music artist and a professional tennis player.
Electronic music producer and avid sound artist by training: he has been focusing on his 1st solo album since early 2018.
Club DJ
He performs in Night Nation Run Festival, the Capitale Night Club, and 25 Watt, and opened for KSHMR and KUNGS.
Tennis Player
He is a professional tennis player and U.S. National Champ in the Year of 2015, 2016 and 2017 who represents the U.S.
Alex's Way towards Music
He let music take control and put all his energy in it.
I felt so helpless and I did not know what I could do.
He shared his feelings towards his darkest period of time in life where he was so stressed out by the tennis career and struggling to free himself by making music, which was known to none at the time.
Alex's Inspiration for Music
He grew up in the nature and now makes for the nature.
Things from the nature always inspire me in music making.
He spoke about the topic of nature: Alex spent most of his childhood in a house in suburban Zürich, where he started to express himself by mashing ambient soundscapes with emotional melodies.
Alex's Connection to Music
He never felt so connected but lost at that moment.
I woke up and saw this light coming thru the door.
He told a story of an unforgettable moment in his music journey that one day he woke up around 5 am after making music all night and saw a morning light shining thru his half-open bedroom door.
Artist's Name
The name Lost Ray comes from Alex's stories and it tells a story more than those stories.
Lost refers to the painful but very inspirational time of Alex’s career transition from sports to music while rendering the concept of both a sense of possibility and disoriented. Ray represents the natural world where Alex belongs to and most of his music work is inspired from.
The Symbol Mark
The mark serves to complete the story with an unforgettable visual existence.
The symbol mark forms an opening doorway with light shining thru, in which letter L and R that stand for Lost Ray hide in. The minimal form remains distinctive and leaves memorable impression at any scales.
The Type Mark
The characters within the mark were produced as they are the notes for the song of lost ray.
It was customized to fix the spacing problems while communicating the same story with the symbol mark.
Lost Ray Blue
A simple touch of blue adds to the magic of the lost ray.
The brand color, centered around black, white, and Lost Ray Blue are chosen to render a simple yet supernatural power, brought to the audience by the music work of Lost Ray.
# 000000
Lost Ray Blue
# 6E10FA
In the World
Lost Ray is designed to be part of the community while owning its very intrinsic story.
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