We Believe in What People Make Possible

campaign consists of a series of immersive, emotive magic of shareable films for Microsoft in the year 2017.
The Challenges
The Films
Zihan Chen
Creative / Art Director
Video Editor
Music Producer
This is an individual project.
Brand Strategy
Video Editing
The Challenges
Bring the message of infinite creative possibility to life.
The challenge is to dispel preconceptions of technology and celebrate captivating storytelling that translates into engagement with Surface in order to promote the Surface product, as well as the Microsoft brand.
The Mircosoft Brand
Microsoft believes in what people can make possible and its mission is to empower individuals and organizations to do more.
The Surface Series
Microsoft Surface offers powerful tools that balance versatility, performance and craftsmanship for people to create more.
The Films
Leave any literality behind. It is all about embodying the spirits of the Microsoft brand.
The past Surface product introduction videos were reviewed and recreated into a new series of 8 short films, forming a brand new campaign that communicates the completely different ideas:
The campaign was made for all of them who put creative hearts at whatever they do.
8 videos covers areas of creativity in art, business, design, education, manufacturing, sports and technology.
13 Seconds is just enough for a memorable story.
The editing of the films blends motions into the rapid rhythms of the music which was custom-made.
The grid animations adds to the delivery of the message of energy, breakthrough, and possibility while fitting perfectly into the Microsoft visual identity.
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