A Story of 100 Years

Campaign created to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Coke Bottle and promote the brand in the year 2015.
The Coke Bottle
The Final Artwork
On the Hold
Off the Touch
Along the View
In the Grab
Selected Awards
Zihan Chen
Creative Director
Art Director
Graphic Designer
This is an individual project.
Marketing Design
Print Design
The Coke Bottle
The bottle was minimized to a degree that is consistent with the Coca-Cola ribbon while still owning its distinctive visuals.
In preparation for the final artwork, the coke bottle was re-created graphically based on its unique form.
The Final Artwork
The main poster was made to illustrate the invisible history of the coke bottle embodied in its visible contour.
Nature: the greatest storyteller.
A beautiful analogy was made in between the bottles and the mountain ridges, connecting the brand to the calmness and purity of nature, ultimately revealing the values of the brand.
The shades convey a distinct sense of depth and portray the passage of time in space.
The minimal form enables the design to be adapted to places without losing its integrity.
On the Hold
Tickets: Coca-Cola Museum
Off the Touch
Vending Machine UI
Along the View
Magazine Cover
In the Grab
Limited Edition Cans
Selected Awards
Nominated in the Coca-Cola Design Awards, Century was exhibited and awarded globally.
Graphis Poster Annual
Awarded | New York | 2018
Ecuador Poster Bienal
Awarded | Quito | 2018
iF Design Award
Awarded | Hannover | 2018
Creative International Award
Awarded | Louisville | 2017
Graphis New Talent Annual
Awarded | New York | 2017
Red Dot Award
Awarded | Berlin | 2017
The One Show
Awarded | New York | 2017
World Illustration Awards
Nominated | London | 2017
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